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December Beauty Favourites 2014!!

Merry Christmas & an early Happy New Year to all of you!
It is the end of December, and also the end of the year 2014!
This marks the end of a good year for me, with many ups & downs, 
but a generally good one for me. 
I hope it is the same for you, & that 2015 would be a better, smoother year for all of us!

Today's post will be dedicated to the new products that I've been loving,
in the month of December. 
Expect new things & maybe a few old goodies that never fail to disappoint me. 

December Favourites 2014

#1. Guerlain Meteorites Perles, Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer

This product is a new love of mine.
I first bought this while I was in Paris for my graduation trip.
I bought it on a whim,
as I have always been someone who is obsessed with anything that makes me glow with radiance.
(Thanks to my dull & sallow skin.)

This product is ridiculously expensive, just like all the other Guerlain products.
(USD $73 on Sephora's website!)
But, they really do deliver and are super luxurious.
If you have the budget, and looking for a good primer (especially for dry to normal skin),
do give this a go.

The shimmers in it are so fine and no, you won't look like a disco ball, I promise.
Instead, you will have a beautiful glow/sheen when sunlight or light hit your face.
I use this for important events like a date night out, a party event,
just any important and high profile events.
Yes, because every pump is way too expensive.
The primer provides not only a glow, but also some subtle moisture.
It smoothens out the skin texture, and foundation is then applied on so smoothly!
Luxurious feeling at its best-

#2. NARS Lipstick in Niagara

This lipstick favourite came as a total surprise.
I got this as a gift from A a few months back, on a random note.
And at that time, the NARS Audacious lipsticks had just launched in Singapore.
& to be honest, I was upset that A didn't get the NARS Audacious lipsticks instead,
(You know how much I love those..)

But, it has since been my daily go to lip colour,
especially when I have light makeup on, or just couldn't decide on which lipstick to use.
It has a slight coral & peachy tone to it, with a light sheen.
Not matte, or drying, and provides subtle & sufficient moisture.
Wear time is limited to a good 2 hours or so, and requires frequent touch up.
But for the colour, I will be willing to touch up throughout the day.

#3. NARS Audacious Lipstick in Greta

How can I forget my holy grail status lipsticks from the NARS Audacious Collection?
I have recently gotten myself a total of 4 shades from the collection,
& I want more.

The formulas of this lipsticks are simply out of this world.
They last a super long time, & the wearing off is nothing but beautiful.
Fret not that your lipstick will be patchy & disgusting.
The moisture level in this lipstick is highly sufficient & does not dry out lips, AT ALL!

The packaging of this is so sleek & chic.
A simple black packaging with sufficient weight to it.
&  a magnetic clasp.
Something about that magnetic closure, makes me gasp in excitement.

Greta was the 2nd shade I got from the NARS Audacious Collection.
It is a slight blue toned, fuschia pink, that is bright but not neon bright.
With one swipe, the pigmentation is fabulous.
No need to go back and forth on your lips at all.
Applies like a dream, that is what it is.

#4. MAC Peachykeen (ol' favourite)

MAC's Peachykeen is the first blusher that I have hit pan on.
Yes, that says alot.
This is my everyday blush colour.
Regardless if I have light makeup on, a full face of makeup for a night out,
this is my go to blush.

It is a beautiful peachy pink, with a sheen to it.
With this blusher, you can definitely skip the highlighter, and just go to town with it.
I apply this with my Real Techniques contour brush for a more specific area kind of application.
& the lasting power of this is pretty deccent too.
No need for touch ups if you are out for about 4 to 5 hours.

A definite repurchase once I am done with it.
A big shout out to Alif, from Ion Singapore's MAC counter.
A splendid recommendation I would say as it suits my medium skin tone to a T.

#5. Inglot Gel  Eyeliner in no. 77

This eyeliner needs no introduction.
Before Inglot arrived at the shores of Singapore,
I have already heard so much about this eyeliner.
It is a much loved product by Make Up Artisites (MUA) & also Makeup Junkies.
& how could I miss out on this?
I got mine on a random short trip to KL, & this is what I have been using for the past few months.
With an angled eyeliner brush, or just any small eyeliner brushers,
this Inglot Gel Eyeliner can give you the best cat eyes within a second.

Super matte in formula once it dries & sets, & it doesn't budge.
Love this to death especially for beach parties, or just a long night out.

#6. Toofaced Shadow Insurance Eyelid Primer

Prior to this, I was using the Milani Eyeshadow Primer, and also the Zoeva Matte Eye Primer.
But somehow, I feel that it dries out the skin on my lids ever too often,
and the recovery process for that requires days & sometimes a week even.
So when I finally got to try the Toofaced Shadow Insurance,
I was blown away.

I love how the texture is creamy, yet light, and not drying.
It applies easily, therefore reduces any tugging on my eyelids.
& this is  a super important feature to prevent any wrinkles on our eyelids.

#7. Toofaced Chocolate Bar Palette

The Toofaced Chocolate Bar Palette.
Every girl knows about this palette, and loves how it smells of Cocoa.
I am one of them too.
Just months ago,
I got this online from Beautybay.com as Singapore was out of this at that time.

The colour selection range from a pastel light pink, a plum colour, & other darker shades.
I use Salted Caramel for my everyday crease colour- a simple subtle warm brown.
& also, Marzipan which is a beautiful glittery, light champagne colour-
perfect for a natural look and an overall eyelid colour.

However, as the palette is made of Cocoa powder,
it is slightly more fragile & crumbles easily.
Avoid using a wet brush or any setting spray on your brushes,
as it causes a clump in the eyeshadow palette.

#8. Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette

I revisited this palette which I have gotten about 2 years ago, just recently.
Thanks to Vivianna & Lily Pebbles who love the shade Half-Baked.
Since the Naked 2 palette has it too, I decided to give it a go.
It gives the most beautiful glittery gold eyeshadow colour.
Pigmentation & wear time super decent.
Fall out for me is kept at a minimal as I often pat my brush a few times after dipping it in the palette.

I am also enjoying Chopper, which is a beautiful glittery warm brown colour.
The Naked 2 eyeshadows are pigmented, easy to blend, and creamy.

#9. Cle De Peau Teint Natural Fluide Foundation in B20

My current holy grail foundation that is on the luxury side.
It costs about $175 for a bottle.
But wwhat it gives in return, is pure magic & tons of compliments.

B20 has a pinky teint that provides a radiant glow.
Something I desperately need.
The wear of this product is amazing, and lasts for hours without having patches or any disllodging.
Coverage for this CDP Foundation ranges around the light to medium coverage,
but definitely buildable.
It gives a flawless finish with the Beauty Blender, & makes my skin look awake, hydrated & just beautiful.
I have gotten tons of compliments while wearing this foundation.
Though expensive, I think it is worth an investment, if you are looking for a luxury foundation.

A good base makeup, is everything.

#9. Dr Lee Ji Ham O2 Brightening Mask

This is my favourite brightening mask currently.
It is a thick fluid form that applies smoothly on the skin.
Upon contact with the skin, it becomes bubbles.
& fluffy bubbles starts to form after a few seconds.
After leaving it on for about 2 minutes, it can be easily washed off,
revealing more radiant skin.

However this product does not make you fairer or whiter.
It just allows more of your true skin radiance to peek through.
Good for a pick me up kind of treatment.

#10. Sephora Better Than A Nap Eye Mask

The Sephora Better Than A Nap Eye Mask was a favourite of mine since Sephora opened in Singapore.
However, they are super pricey, at $10 per piece/ one usage.
Therefore, I only get them when I have a 10% or even better discount.

It contains an eye mask that is only valid for one usage.
It is a gel like eye mask that is cooling to the eye area, & after 20 mminutes,
you will definitely feel refreshed, awake & the eye area plump & rejuvenated.
If you are preparing for a big day, like a big event or a wedding even,
try this out!

Just put it on for about 20 minutes while you rest your eyes,
& you will wake up feeling superb.
Not much done for my very dark eye circles, but I have felt a good difference in the eye area.
Supple, hydrated & refreshed.

That is all for now!
A 2014 Favourites blog post will be up very soon!

In the meantime,
Happy New Year & xoxo.

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