Friday, November 14, 2014

First Impressions: Vitamin Science Skincare with Luxola!

The weekends are here- FINALLY!
Thank God!
& we all deserve a huge pat on the back for surviving yet another stressful & busy work week. 

What will you be doing this weekend?
Whatever it is, I believe the weekends are the best time to wind down & relax, 
and get yourself prepared to conquer another stressful work week ahead. 
Weekends therefore is the time to pamper yourself & your skin. 
For me, weekends always mean a good pamper routine. 
Be it on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I love to just have a good ol' hot shower, 
& a good skincare & body care regime.

Today, I will be introducing some products that I have recently added to my skincare regime, 
They are none other than the Vitamin Science skincare range that Luxola Singapore so kindly sent to me, to do a detailed review on the products for my readers & their customers!

Vitamin Science is the first and only full fledged vitamin skincare range. 
& what is it about vitamins that are so important?
Well, vitamins are not only necessary for the efficient functioning of our body and our systems.
They are also critical in achieving beautiful, glowing skin, hair & even our nails. 

Vitamin B- Hydration

Do you know that in order for our skin to protect us from UV radiation, micro-organisms & toxic agents, it must be adequately hydrated. 
Hydrated skin helps to keep the skin barrier intact, and thus prevent harmful effects from the nasty environmental factors.

Do you also know that hydrated skin actually delays the ageing process, 
& can also better deal with acne treatments, which are often drying. 

So the definite conclusion is that, hydration is the key to beautiful, glowing, radiant skin. 
That explains why we are always told to drink 8 cups of water per day!

In this case, 
Vitamin B enhances the skin protection levels, and provides the hydration, moisture and relief even for irritated skin. 
People with irritated skin due to acne or sensitivity should definitely up their skin moisture level to combat with the problems that they are already suffering from. 
& for those who are blessed with normal skin types, you still do need the constant hydration, 
as many of our environmental factors, and our diet choices strips the body of the required hydration.
For eg. Alcohol & Caffeine. 

The Vitamin Science Vita B  Hydrating Serum (30ml) has an off white colour with a normal serum texture. 
(Not too heavy, & definitely not too watery.)
However, what I love about this product is how fast the skin absorbs & sucks it all in. 
Within seconds of being in contact with my skin, the product is sucked in by the skin surface. 
The smell of the serum is also simply amazing- fresh & slightly floral. 
With one use, I can immediately feel the instant hydration, plumpness of my skin. 
*Not joking*
However, it does leave a slight tacky feeling on the skin, when felt with the fingers. 
But nothing too sticky, greasy or heavy- PERFECT serum formula. 

The Vitamin Science Vita B Hydrating Emulsion (120ml) is on the other hand, a colourless, liquid formula,
that is quickly & efficiently absorbed when patted on to the skin. 
What I love about this product is the slight cooling sensation that I felt when applied onto my face. 
There is a light fresh scent, lighter than the serum.
& the tackiness is alike the serum, but also not the case of any greasiness or oiliness. 

The whole combination was esily absorbed in 10-15mins, leaving no tackiness after awhile.

This 2 products when used together, gives an adequate boost of hydration to the skin. 
& with one use, skin is definitely supple, hydrated and bouncy. 
For those that love light formulas and textures, you need to try this range. 
As for what I know, emulsions are often creamy & heavy. 
But the Vitamin Science Vit. B Emulsion is not the case of a greaseball. 
It provides so much hydration power, but with the texture of a serum. 
& one must definitely point out the great packaging of the Vitamin Science Range.
Beautiful blue bottles, a dropper for the serum, and a pump for the emulsion.
Great for pumping and taking out the right amount of product, with great hygiene- 
no finger dipping. 

Vitamin C- Whitening & Brightening

It is a well known fact that Vitamin C in any skincare range has the benefits of whitening & brightening skin complexions. 
Vitamin C, packed with anti-oxidants, does it by removing free radicals that causing pigmentation, 
thus enhancing skin's radiance. 
If you are someone suffering from pigmentation, freckles, and even acne scarring & discolouration,
Vitamin C is your one true saviour. 

Although one can easily take Vitamin C rich fruits or even supplements,
lazy people (guilty) like me can take the easy way out- skincare infused with Vitamin C.

What Can Vitamin C Really Do?

Taken from the Paula'c Choice Skincare Expert website:

  • Protect skin cells and skin's support structure from UV-related damage
  • Improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin
  • Strengthen skin's barrier response
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote collagen production
  • Enhance effectiveness of peels and micro-dermabrasion
  • Lessen hyper-pigmentation (at levels of 3% or greater)
  • Boost the efficacy of sunscreen actives
  • *The benefits and importance of Vitamin C, whether consumed or applied, is endless!

The Vitamin Science Vita C Whitening Emulsion (120ml) 
The whitening emulsion is a slight pale white/translucent colour, that is thick in consistency.
But once rubbed together, it becomes watery & somewhat like a serum texture.
Like the Vitamin B range, it has a fresh scent with a bit of tackiness.
BUT hydration wise, it plumps and hyhdrates the skin after immediate application.
As fot the whitening effect, I will need to report back in about 3 weeks to a month!

Vitamin Science skincare range does not only have Vitamin B & C!
They have Vitamin A for calming, & Vitamin EA for lifting!
Feel free to visit Luxola's website or Vitamin Science website to find out more!

For those interested to purchase the Vitamin Science range, it is available on Luxola's website. 
Luxola was super kind enough to extend a discount code to my readers- how amazing!

Simply key in "BLX-CLARABEL" at checkout, to enjoy 30% off the Vitamin Science range. 
Offer ends on the 9th of December 2014. 
Hurry now and grab yours as I know that they are selling fast!
*Psst, great Christmas present for your loved ones too.*

That's all for now, enjoy your weekends lovelies!
xoxo, @clarabeltan

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